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Q- How do I know how much I will be saving?

A- Before you sign off on any charter we will issue you the wholesale price, as well as the retail price, you’re free to compare it with your normal pricing and we guarantee you will see the instant savings.

For example, if your charter is $25,000, the average wholesale cost of that charter is $20,000. That would equate to a $5,000 savings on your first trip alone.

Seeing is believing call or email us with your next charter and see the instant savings!
Feel free to send your requests to


Q- Do I have to share the aircraft with anyone?

A- No, all our charters are private, no shuttle services or seats for sale; flying privately the way it's intended.


Q- Can I take as many charters as I want per month or per year?

A- Yes, we encourage you to fly as much as you like.


Q- Is this program only for people who fly a lot of hours?

A- No, we’ve made our membership fee cost effective enough that even if you only took one average flight you would still save money. However, the more you fly the more you save.


Q- How do I pay for my charter once I book it?

A- Payment is due prior to the flight, you can pay by check, wire transfer or credit card. We also have an EZ-fly program, which allows you to put money on account.


Q- How do I book a charter?

A- Simply email our concierge services- with your customer number and flight request and a concierge will send you back the cost price. For those who don’t like emails, you can also call into our 855-WJCLUB1 number and speak to a concierge 24 hours a day.


Q- How quickly can I book a jet?

A- Generally domestic flights are within 10 hours and International flights are 24 hours.


Q- Can I choose any aircraft from the website?

A- Yes, you can select whichever aircraft you like and we will send you that wholesale price, if that aircraft isn’t available we will send you the next comparable aircraft.


Q- How can I cancel my membership? Are fees refundable?

A- You can cancel your membership within 24 hours for a full refund, as long as you haven’t yet chartered a flight. Once you’ve chartered a flight or passed the 1-day grace period, your membership fees are non- refundable.


Q- Are there any other fees besides my membership and cost of charter?

A- Yes, we have a 3.5% administrative fee per charter. You’re still saving big bucks even after the fee.


For more information, please feel free to call or email us and we would be happy to work with you.

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